Individual Project


Collaboration Tools – Instagram & Youtube



Instagram is an app based program that has recently been available on the web as well. Instagram’s main focus is sharing visual media with friends. There marketing promotion is:

“Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.

Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram — it’s that easy. You can even share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. It’s a new way to see the world.”

They allow you to post photos and 15 second videos with your followers. I think this type of media is great for the new generation because now everything is on a fast based lifestyle. Everyone wants the information that they desire immediately. Instagram allows users to have this commodity. All people want to do is be connect without actually connecting. People like the luxury of knowing about everybody’s life without actually having to.

This app allows your friends and family to follow your posts. Whatever you decide to post will show up on their news feed. This allows for the user to have complete control over what they see on their app. This is good because a lot of social sites become too cluttered with things that are not what the user wants to see. And they site because useless. I personally like instagram because I can post pictures and see what everybody else is going through out the day. Also I don’t have to read any long commentary like facebook or tumblr. I like visual things.


Youtube is a social site that is based solely on video visuals. It allows people to upload their own material or even follow others they like. Youtube gives you the access to comment and subscribe to your favorite channels. Recently with the new merge of Google+ and Youtube they have done away with the ability to subscribers and channel owners to communicate view responding to comments. Only general comments are allow to be posted by the owner. Which makes it even more difficult for there to be an established relationship. When you subscribe to someones channel you automatically see everything that they are posting and you can also see their recent activity and see who they are following as well. Youtube is a great way to be creative and for others to see what youve done. If you are int he business of video production this is great~

Instagram and Youtube are very collaberative in many ways. They both allow users to promote conent on each site. You can also be creative and showcase you or any other talents that you may have. They allow you to personalize your news feed and they allow you to get closer to your followers or subscribers. You can post what ever you would like on these apps and sites. They both have an app so you can continue to enjoy them while mobile. These two apps will evolve into great things.

Which RSS Reader is for you.


There are many different uses for RSS Readers, most people want a compilation of all sources in one space. Flipboard, and Papers have very similar concepts but go about them in different ways.The main similarity is that these are readers that are mobile based only. The viewer is expected to download an app in order to utilizes these sources.



Paper is a solely Facebook based app which allows you to check, post, and reply to all Facebook notifications and activity. While still being able to scroll through to different genres of news that you will be interested in. This app contains all the normal Facebook notification icons so there is no real confusion when trying to use the app. This app is limited in the amount of categories that you can choose your news from, but it is all pulled from Facebook. So no matter what genre you can still like comment and repost each article.This app has a very similar flipping motion as Flipboard but is only used when opening up articles to read. You can view all different types of Facebook pictures, articles, and videos from the app. One thing I do not like is that it is very limited in being able to customize what types of articles come through your feed. Also I think this app is only for Apple users. This app is great for people who’s main social media outlet is Facebook for others like my self it seems very limited in usage and gets boring after a while.



This app is compatible with different types of devices fr example, apple, android, windows, blackberry etc. Flipboard has a very interesting concept in which the interface does exactly what the title entails, it “Flips”. When you go to swipe your fingers to change pages it does a flipping motion as if turning the page in a book. The main feature of this app is that it allows you to subscribe to different categories for example sports, photography, technology, which in turn connects you to a plethora of different magazines that focus on these categories. It also allows you to create your own magazine by tapping the + button on any story that you like. These stories will show up in a magazine that has your selected title on it. You will be able to access these whenever you like. You can also make your magazine public or keep it private. When using the app Flipboard allows you to link with a variety of different apps all at the same time. For example twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and YouTube to name a few. All of the information from these apps will feed into Flipboard for total user access as if they were using that app itself. This is an awesome feature because the user does not have to hassle between apps to keep up with them. They can check all notifications and post through Flipboard. Flipboard in my opinion is the better choice because it allows for greater user customization.

The Difference Between Tumblr and WordPress


As an avid Tumblr user I feel that it allows for the ultimate expression of creativity and personality. Utilizing its html options or the already created themes it allows for the user to have complete control. Also it has increasing gotten away from normal blog posting to sharing pictures and videos with you followers.This site is mainly used to waste time.

WordPress on the other hand is used for a more sophisticated level of social networking. People usually use this standard blog feel for a resume or something that employers would appreciate looking at. Writing and the actual content on this site is what is most important.